Como un Pez en el Agua

Gran Canaria SwimWeek

Como un pez en el agua is a fashion swimwear brand that bets for handmade manufacturing and exclusive clothing. We make difference with our proposal. One of them is the kind of fabric we use. Instead of synthetic and elastic fabric of traditional swimwear, we only use cotton (light cotton, organic cotton, voilé, plumetti…) that gives an especial design, without taking away the feeling of comfort. 

We are committed to sustainable production and promoting the circular economy. We are pioneers in the manufacture of cotton swimwear, we are constantly looking for cloths that help us to make more sustainable garments. All the fabrics we use have the OEKOTEX STANDARD certificate and most of them also have the GOTS certificate.

Especially, we want our clients have the warranty that their bikinis or swimwear are made with care and dedication, and do not come from serial production. It is limited edition exclusive garment.


1. ENJOY COTTON: Instead of synthetic and elastic cloth of the traditional swimwear we use only cotton, which allow us to give a different style to our designs without taking away comfortability.

2. SLOW FASHION: In a globalized market, we offer limited edition handcrafted garments, made with love and dedication, with good value for money.

3. BEACH COUTURE: Our philosophy and creative aspiration is to go further from the traditional swimming activities and give our collections elegance, sophistication and trend level.

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